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Civil Division

We started executing the projects since 2005 through sub-contractors & successfully completed many offices and warehouse projects. For the general industries corporation, the company has built several landmark industrial and residential buildings, housing complexes in Dubai and Sharjah.

The civil division undertakes the design / engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of complete project for both the residential & commercial buildings.

Our mission is to be the most professional contracting company providing turnkey solutions in pre-cast concrete buildings using latest technology in the field, in Dubai and around.

We specialize in multi various activities right from designing to execution of civil system which includes:

  • Provide adequate control of health, safety and welfare of our employees, risks arising from our work activities which may affect employees or others.
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment. Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health.
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting health and safety. Ensure safe handling and use of materials and substances at work.
  • Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees in good HSE practices. Ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training. etc.               

Epoxy works

Epoxy paint is an excellent choice for covering garage, basement and patio floors. Epoxy coating uses a chemical mix of two liquid components, epoxy resin and hardener, to create a tough, solvent-resistant finish that can be applied to floors, countertops and decks. Many types of epoxy are noted for their durability and can be used to seal concrete floors, steel and other industrial materials.

Epoxy paint is one of the toughest and most durable paint materials available on the market today. It’s also a great choice if you want to add a little extra shine to your floors. Epoxy acts as a sealant on cement floors and is typically applied on garage or basement floors.

Mechanical/ HVAC Division

Hesper Electromechanical (LLC) is one of the most integrated company providing engineering and technologies to MEP works for residential buildings (villas & multi-stories buildings), commercial buildings (warehouses, industries, and offices etc.), specialized hospital facilities, pharmaceutical companies, shopping malls and restaurants etc. We keep ourselves in-line with new technologies to provide services for increasingly complicated and complex works. The company is able to manage all aspects of major projects at optimized costs from front end engineering design to turnkey delivery.
We specialize in multi various activities right from designing to execution of mechanical system which includes:
• Mechanical ventilation services
• Mechanical drawing services
• Air cooled chillers
• Water cooled chillers
• Cooling towers
• District cooling
• FAHU, AHU, FCU, MKU, Ecology unit
• Chiller Management System (CMS)
• Decorative split DX system
• Ducted split DX system
• etc.


Electrical Division

Being a specialized MEP contractor, we have ample resources of highly skilled & semi-skilled manpower, various construction and testing equipment and tools to cater the needs of any challenge on field. Our custom-built experience is offered to enhance and execute the projects efficiently, on-time and cost-effectively. Our commitment for quality work towards our projects remains the same irrespective of size of the projects.
We specialize in multi various activities right from designing to execution of electrical system which includes:
• LV panels / room
• Bus bar risers
• Cables and wires
• Low current system
• CCTV system
• SMTV system
• Isolators
• Wiring accessories
• Fire alarm system
• Fire fighting
• Lighting control system
• Central battery system


Plumbing Division

Hesper Electromechanical (LLC) envy itself on providing quality workmanship to all its customers. We provide cost-effective solutions and the professionals at Hesper Electromechanical (LLC) are totally dedicated to the customer needs in all aspects of the business.
We specialize in multi various activities right from designing to execution of plumbing system which includes:
• Domestic & commercial plumbing works.
• Installation testing and commissioning of all types of pumps: booster, transfer, submersible, circulation, irrigation, etc.
• Installation of a wide range of sanitary ware models and types.
• Chlorination of plumbing systems.
• Central water heater system.
• Electrical and solar water heaters.
• External drainage networks and manholes.
• Wide range of grease traps.
• Underground sewage piping works.
• Storm water drainage system.
• Pre-engineering.
• Feasibility study and solutions.
• Testing and commissioning of all plumbing systems.
• etc.


Fire Fighting

Hesper Electromechanical (LLC) offers total solution in fire detection, fire alarm and fire extinguishing system for the protection of entire range of industries and applications such as -power plant, office buildings, residential buildings and factory sheds, etc.
One of our main functions is design, supply and installation of firefighting system. We provide total fire-fighting solution in most prestigious developments around UAE.
We are well supported by a team of qualified and experienced health and safety officers, engineers, skilled technicians and mechanics ready to take on any job of whatsoever nature and volume.
We specialize in multi various activities right from designing to execution of firefighting system which includes:
• Commercial & residential fire sprinklers.
• Commercial & residential fire systems for civil defence and their inspections.
• Commercial warehouses fire safety setup.

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